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Worteldagen is a performance art / theatre festival in Norg, a small town in Drenthe. The festival contains solo performances of forty to fifty students of various Dutch art schools. This year, the following studies participated:

  • Time based design (Academie Minerva, Groningen)

  • Popular culture (Academie Minerva, Leeuwarden)

  • Theatre in education (ArtEZ, Zwolle)

  • Theatre design (HKU, Utrecht)

  • Interactive performance design (HKU, Utrecht)

Each student got their own location to make a solo performance.

My location was a backyard in the middle of the town. I concentrated on the quiet fuss on the streets, the noise of people walking by and my own need to stay silent while I was working there.

Stilte A.U.B. is an elaborate kinetic installation about a moment of silence for the silence.

Silence please is my execution of Worteldagen festival as provided by Rob Reynders and Ina Reynders-Veldhuis x educated by Interactive Performance Design year 2 at HKU Theatre.