eva asscheman                                    interactive art                                               utrecht

HOMO FABER is an interactive visual installation that invites the participant to experiment with colour, water and light. I worked on the project with Bianca Lurvink and Lisa Hones. We tried to design a magical atmosphere that's open for interpretation. HOMO FABER is an adventure in which you can create your own landscapes. At each of the three phases you can use colour, water and light to do so. The first phase is completely analogue, even the projection is practically a shadow. The second phase is 50/50 analogue/digital. Create your own analogue colour landscape and use the webcam to put your colours into the digital world. Finally, you can alter your digital world at the third phase. Pre-mixed colours allow you to shoot new elements into this world and even navigate through it.

We chose not to tell a specific story but to show a development that can be seen all around us and to renew the way people look at that development, which in this case we like to describe as digitisation.

HOMO FABER is a constant work in progress. Below you can see some footage of our process as well as our first presentation, the BYOB event in Utrecht (20-09-2017) and Betweter Festival in Utrecht (29-09-2017).

HOMO FABER is our execution of Adventure project as educated by Interactive Performance Design year 1 at HKU Theatre.