eva asscheman                                    interactive art                                               utrecht


Echo is an interactive audio installation. It focuses on stress, relief and joy and is basically a personalized soundscape. I asked myself, "can I generate a certain level of stress in a certain amount of time yet let them leave the installation with an overwhelmed, mainly positive feeling?". The first contradiction starts immediately when the participant has to wear a blindfold and a very uncomfortable, tight scarf. Being shoved into an inconveniently small space does not exactly improve this feeling. Yet, beautiful music plays so the participant can decide for himself what he wants to focus on. Slowly, the peaceful music fades out and somewhat annoying sounds fade in. They keep getting more and more unpleasant, one by one. Whilst live DJ-ing I am paying close attention to any facial expressions or body movements - this is crucial for the part where it gets personal. I am building up to a climax using the most bothersome sounds, according to the body language of the participant. After the climax, the same lovely music as before is playing and the participant can leave the installation.

Echo is my execution of Sequence project as educated by Interactive Performance Design year 1 at HKU Theatre.