eva asscheman                                    interactive art                                               utrecht


KLIMAX was inspired by my inner happy kid in response to music. I have researched different questions such as: how can I design an easily accessible musical interface for people who love music and want to learn how to play a musical instrument - but are afraid, think it is too hard or too expensive to do so? In what way can my audience experience the joy I feel when performing music? And how can I include “playful discovery” in that very interface?

After having tested a lot of different possibilities I found out that I wanted to make an interactive musical climbing wall. The pictures below show a one-wall-prototype I built. As long as you hold on to a certain knob, it keeps looping its own unique sound. From this moment on, it is up to the participant to enjoy their own beautiful music! It's about working together to create a unique musical piece. The four participants climbing the walls can't see each other, so they'll have to communicate through sounds to make this work.

In an ideal world, I'd like to produce KLIMAX adult-size for festivals and child-size for playgrounds.

KLIMAX is my execution of Automorphose project as educated by Interactive Performance Design year 1 at HKU Theatre.