eva asscheman                                    interactive art                                               utrecht

KLIMAX is a playful, new interface for performing music. With the pre-programmed music composition - 48 variables in four different categories - players won't have to worry about their own musical skills. 

With this installation I want to let participants playfully discover a way to make music, especially those who don't already know how to play an instrument.

Each knob has its own musical loop and each wall has its own sound. It's about working together to create a unique musical piece. The climbers can't see each other, so they have to communicate through sounds. 

If you're curious, you can learn more about the artistic process here.

Concept, research, design, structure design, electronics and overall execution Eva Asscheman
Music Marnix Vinkenborg

Concept guidance Ramon Verberne

Overall consultancy Lucas Steenhuis, Trudy Hekman

Technical consultancy Lucas Steenhuis, Bart Jakobs, Tony Schuite

Structure consultancy Eddy Vogel, Jurriaan de Vries, Lucas Steenhuis, Pieter Wantenaar

Logo and business card design Nina van de Vooren

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Peter Asscheman, Thomas Asscheman, Eefje Crüts, Rowan Groes, Bart Kipping, Lisa Lambregts, August de Leeuw, Bianca Lurvink, Cris Mollee, Alène Moor, Joran Renckens

Special thanks to Firma Brandwacht for letting me work in your workplace and use your wisdom, space, time, tools and machines. For seven months. <3