eva asscheman                                    interactive art                                               utrecht

Text by Daan Brinkmann:

Together with colleagues Lucas Steenhuis and Eva Asscheman, I’ve been working on a participatory sound art project. It will premiere this Saturday at the U R ART Festival at the Van Abbemuseum. The piece has a high degree of surrealism and is called Du, Geräuschemacher! 

The project feels a bit like a workshop. Participants are guided through the process of composing sounds in an old fashioned foley room. In a later stage, using RFID technology, the composed sounds can be 'scanned' into physical objects; we're bringing a huge collection of rarities. The scanning process gives these objects a kind of sonic alter ego, which now exists in the cloud. In the course of the day, an interactive exhibition of sound-objects, made by the visitors themselves, will start growing and sounding.